Ready to take your business online? 

Social media is great but an effective website is just as important for securing new leads / customers.

What does the HOME PAGE include? 

The FREE Homepage will be a single page website that provides a brief message about your business, your services, location and contacts.


It can also provide click-throughs to your existing social media channels.

Apply for a FREE Homepage by completing the form below.

The more details provided the more I will be able to customise.

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Why do I offer to design your homepage for free? 

YOU WIN by getting a free home page. There are no obligations to you other than providing content and text / copy.


I WIN by connecting with a potential future customer and getting my brand out there which may lead to future business.


How do we work together? 


Review the DETAILS of the completed application form.



I will create your HOME PAGE for free and give you ownership.



I will provide the LINK for your HOME PAGE which you can share with friends, family and customers.


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I guarantee....you have nothing to lose.

*Your details won't be shared with third parties.*

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The successful applicant will receive an email confirmation. 

The applicant will receive full control of their website upon completion and handover from Tigris WebDesign.

The website / home page will be a FREE WIX website.

Free WIX websites have third party ads which WIX controls.

Free WIX websites do not come with dedicated personalised domain names, the domain name is prefixed with wixsite.com

Tigris WebDesign has the right to use the applicants website to promote Tigris WebDesign, this also benefits the applicant.

Tigris WebDesign has the right to cancel this promotion at any time for any reason.



Buy your own domain name (eg. businessname.com.au)  Cost: around $1.25/month - I can help you for no extra charge to find a provider and link the new home page to your domain name. 


Remove ads by upgrading your website directly with Wix (not Tigris WebDesign) for around $16/month.

Should you wish to build on your home page and turn it into a full website with multiple pages with more content Tigris WebDesign can tailor a specific package to your needs and budget. 

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