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Passionate, reliable, professional,

personal, supportive.

Let us kick a goal for you and make your online presence a success!

You don't have time to create your own website?

We are here to help.

From registering your domain through to managing your finished website.

You don't want to be ripped off by expensive web design companies and want an honest and fair business relationship? 

We ENSURE your domain name registration, web hosting and software licenses are all in your name. This means you own your website and are not locked in to a long term contract with us.

Do you want to be involved? 

 We build your website in a well known and user friendly website builder to make it fun and easy for you to update your content, write your own blogs and keep your business information up to date. Of course we will always be available and can help you out when needed.

Kath established TigrisWebdesign in 2018.

She grew up in Germany and came to Australia in 2006. She started her career in finance and finished with a Masters Degree in Adult Education. 


This experience gave her the strength to organise and present structured information, visually and attractively. 

Presenting complex data, facts and text in a simple way for users to understand, engage and get interested.

BEFORE Kath started TIGRIS WebDesign she worked as a marketing assistant for a national organisation. She was responsible for their online presence, social media, website management, google presence, html flyers, advertising and more. ​

TIGRIS WebDesign focuses on small businesses looking to achieve strong internet presence without spending big money.

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