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Updated: Mar 27, 2019

'TIGRIS' is latin and stands for tiger.

Advanced Latinum Qualification

Growing up in Germany gave me the chance to gain my advanced Latinum Qualification at school. My goal was to find a brand that sounds sophisticated, professional and a bit cool. It was important to me to have a brand that can be remembered. It had to be something known, stunning, strong and elegant. From limes to peridots, the white tiger was the most captivating for me and represented my vision of my webdesign business and brand perfectly. With impressive pictures I started to develop my branding and logo. The stripes in the TIGIRS WebDesign Logo stand for the tiger stripes in a simple and explicit way. Why green? I wanted to give it a crisp look and liked this colour to the existing grey, white and black. You can see my design follows through all my different online platforms. Website, social media and google.

What about you?

Are you happy with your branding? Are you in the process of starting your branding?

Get in touch. Tigris WebDesign Central Coast.


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